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Is the C.H.I.P. Computer Dead?


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The short answer seems to be YES... but wait...

C.H.I.P. started as a crowdfunding exercise to a huge fanfare including spots on US National media, but the price was obviously set unrealistically low, and attempts to hike the price with a so-called Pro version - which actually seemed a weaker product for far more money - looks to have fooled no one.


Unlike many poor punters I received the three I ordered in early 2016, but after almost a year's painful wait.  In future weeks we'll see exactly what we can do with them using stripboard for expansion.  Miraculously the company's forum is still going (except that no one seems to know why seeing that the money for everything else ran out months back).  Some of that forum's members are cloning the data anticipating it will disappear from the internet some time soon, so there's hope of other life-after-death too.

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