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Free Stripboard Now!

For the first twenty posters of a project built on Stripboard only:  post details and photos of your project built on Stripboard in these forums and I will send you a small pack of Stripboards from my present collection at my sole expense.

The simple conditions are:

  • The project must be non-trivial - (no LED plus a resistor!).
  • The project must function in some meaningful way.
  • At least 50% of the wiring must be on an actual piece of standard Stripboard.
  • Your description must run to at least 100 words accompanied by at least two reasonable pictures.
  • You must PM me through this board with the postal address to send your reward to. (I won't exchange e-mails).
  • My decision on if your project qualifies for a reward is final.
  • The ongoing shipping risk is yours once I deliver your reward to my local post office.  (no second postings).
  • I will use the cheapest uninsured postal method, so you may have to be patient.
  • Only the first twenty such projects qualify though I might show a little flexibility if there are edge cases here.
  • You should show a little willingness to answer other people's questions about your project.

Other benefits of joining in here as a member:

  • Private hobbyists can advertise their surplus components and other electronic junk for free.
  • You'll never be bothered with any on-site advertising or spam emails.  (I couldn't give a xxxx if there's zero revenue!).
  • You'll never be asked for sponsorship: my hobby is my hobby.
  • Start (and fully moderate) your own forum, just so long as it's of general interest to electronic hobbyists. (PM me on this).

My aim is to get this free and non-commercial forum off the ground, so barriers to freebies will increase as time goes on.  I've set about 100 GBP of my own money aside for this little promotion, so hopefully everyone will benefit in some way.  I will publicly acknowledge your contribution and advise the date your reward was posted right here on the forums.  Quite obviously your personal details won't be published or recorded anywhere on the site.  There is no commercial motivation whatsoever behind this offer: this site is purely a recreational hobby!  Get constructing!

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