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SBC's (Single Board Computers)

They come in Cornflake packets these days - well almost  A forum about experiences with SBC's - generally very old ones with limited RAM and flash memory.


  1. CubieBoard2

    This second generation CubieBoard was simply the original Cubie with the SOC swapped out from an Allwinner A10 to an dual core Allwinner A20.  It was introduced mid 2013 and its star feature was a SATA hard drive interface.  Initial product announcement: http://cubieboard.org/2013/06/19/cubieboard2-is-here/

  2. PCDuino

    The PCDuino is an Allwinner A10 based SBC dating from around 2012.  Its claim to fame are I/O headers that are claimed to be hardware compatible with Arduino expansion boards.

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